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If IFGA world records and tournaments are your thing, look no further. Call Captain Greg Eklund now to make your Florida Keys Fishing arrangements.


Tournaments and Awards

2013 Little Harbour Dolphin Rodeo - 1st place and High boat honor
2013 Islamorada Sailfish Tournament - 3rd place
2012 Drambuie Key West Blue Marlin tournament - 3rd place
2011 Islamorada Junior Sailfish Tournament - 3rd place
2011 Bahamas Billfish Championship  Central Abaco Leg - 1st Place
2011 Bahaams Billfish Championship Treasure Cay Leg - 2nd Place  
2008 IGFA World Record Captain of the Year Honorable mention
2008 Drambuie Key West Blue Marlin 2nd place Overall - 2nd place Dolphin
2006 Treasure Cay Blue Marlin Tournament - 1st Place Dolphin
2006 Islamorada Women’s Sailfish Tournament - 1st place
2006 Holiday Isle Sailfish Tournament - 1st place
2005 Holiday Isle Dolphin Tournament - 1st place
2005 Islamorada Invitational Sailfish Fly Tournament - 1st place
2005 Islamorada Fishing Club Sailfish Tournament - 1st place
2004 Miami Metropolitan Tournament - 1st place Amberjack
2004 Florida Keys “Get The Net” Dolphin Tournament - 1st Place
2004 Islamorada Sailfish Gold Cup Series - 2nd place
2004 Islamorada Fishing Club Sailfish tournament - 3rd place
2004 Cheeca Lodge Presidential Sailfish Tournament - 3rd place
2004 Holiday Isle Dolphin Tournament - 2nd place
2003 Florida Grower’s Association Dolphin Tournament - 1st place
2001 Florida Governor’s Cup Dolphin Tournament - 1st and 3rd place
1996 Coconuts Dolphin Tournament - 2nd place

IGFA World Records downbutton

Dog Tooth Tuna(116 lbs) on 20 pound tippet flyrod
Dolphinfish(32.5lbs) on 4lb tippet flyrod
Dolphinfish((35lbs) on 6lb tippet flyrod
Dolphinfish(32.8lbs) on 8lb tippet flyrod
Dolphinfish((36lbs) on 12 lb tippet flyrod
Wahoo(20lbs) on 16lb tippet flyrod
Wahoo(8lbs) on 12lb tippet flyrod
Giant Trevally(42lb) on 16lb tippet flyrod
Giant Trevally(10lb) on 4lb tippet flyrod
Cero Mackerel(4.5lbs) on 4lb tippet flyrod
Cero Mackerel(1.5lbs) on 2lb tippet flyrod
Almaco Jack(2lbs) on 4lb tippet flyrod
Almaco Jack(2lbs) on 16lb tippet flyrod
Spanish Mackerel(4lbs) on 4lb tippet flyrod
Rainbow Runner(8.5lb) on 12lb tippet flyrod
Yellowtail Snapper(2.2lb) on 12lb tippet flyrod
Yellowtail Snapper(2.1lb) on 20lb tippet flyrod
Queen Snapper(12lbs.) all tackle record


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